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About Numismatics Academy

Numismatics Academy is India’s first academy with the purpose to advance the study of World Culture – History – Geography – Art – GK and much more through coins and currencies as well as develop & enhance interest in the hobbies among children.We understand that just like every child has a different and unique face or fingerprints; they have a different interests. Hence, academy provides an interactive, adaptive and highly personalized learning opportunity that enables the participants to experience different aspects of World - at their own pace and in their own style.​

Meet Mr. Nac

Hello Kids, I am Mr Nac. I am not different from you and too love travelling & discovering the world, wish to meet world-famous personalities like Ronaldo, Sachin & Queen Elizabeth – 2 and many more. I do not just visit the place but explore about their money, culture, history & personalities and much more. Do you know why? Let me share my travelling experience with you. It will make all-clear.

WorldOLA - Learn while playing

Happy Children’s Day you all: WorldOLA – Learn while play is available on GOOGLE PLAY STORE now. This game is beneficial for classroom learning and learning at home. Where kids can learn about world countries flags & its capital, World Currencies, Famous personalities & Famous monuments. Download now ( Free till December 2020)

Our Publication

The purpose of our publications is to develop creative & interactive study material for kids so that Kids can Xperience the contents. Specialising in books and other material focussed on word culture, history, geography in a very Xperiential manner.

K Cards

Nac Studio is to promote hobby among all kinds of kids which will help them to learn & experience different aspects of life. As Hobbies bring a sense of fun and freedom to life that can help to minimize the impact of chronic stress. It also new board games so they can learn while playing.

World Currencies Exhibition

We organize 1 -2 days world currencies exhibitions to give glimpse of the World History, Culture, Geography, GK, Art & much more to participants through world currencies and coins Guided tour further enlightens about different stories & interesting facts about different themes, Geographical & Historical events

Publish With Us

We are pleased to inform you that we are starting a publishing space for young minds who write their own articles and short stories. It is time for these young’uns to have an Internet presence. You can send entries in ENGLISH / HINDI and subject to our Editorial board review we will publish the same at our website.

Please mention your Age group
Group 1: Up-to Age 9 years || Group 2: 10- 13 years.

You can send your entries to

Contact us for any Enquiry + 91 92679 95997

Know about our Team

We have a group of 15+ Subject Matter Experts in our Core Team & Advisory Committee all over India. This helps us to develop quality material – Books / Videos/ Galleries.

Know about our Video & Reading Materials

We have developed 250+ educational videos available at our YouTube Channel and many articles on different aspects of World – culture – History – Geography – Art – GK and much more. Watch / Read and explore the world together.