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Why do we celebrate our traditions in the form of the festival?

We celebrate our tradition to remember the events which happened in history. We also need to respect the people who were part of history. We also celebrate to have some fun. We celebrate Dusshera by burning Ravana to remember this festival. We play with colours on Holi to remember the festival.People give gifts to remember Christmas. These are some examples of different activities at different festivals. I like to celebrate all of the traditions.

As they are fun and exciting. Now I will describe two festivals -one religious and one national. Dusshera is a religious festival and it symbolises the victory of truth and right over evil and wrong. I like this festival a lot as it is for ten days and each day has special meaning. It comes along with Navratri. I feel so overjoyed with so many colourful celebrations happening all over the nation.

One celebrates Durga puja in West Bengal, Garba in Gujarat and Dusshera in other parts of India. Kullu’s Dusshera is very famous. Ten days stage shows depicting Ramayana happened all over the capital followed by the burning of Ravana effigy. From last year we did one thing different due to environmental constraints. We as in people from our society mainly kids and some ladies, made an eco-friendly Ravan which was made from a lot of balloons.

We decorated our lawn with bright multicolour paper strips decoration. All the kids of the apartment prepared a skit. Everyone got a role in the skit. All of us loved the role which we got. We dressed up with traditional attire carrying bows and arrows for our role in the stage show. It was so much enjoyment and team building.

Then we burst the Ravan from toothpicks. And all of us danced happily celebrating Garba as well. We celebrate Independence Day every year. We must always remember the history of our country, who has sacrificed when we got freedom from Britishers. The prime minister gives a speech from the Red Fort. I like the entire celebration from tribute at Amar Jawan Jyoti to Jan -Gan-Man at the end. Narendra Modi ji is the present prime minister of our country. He also hoists the Indian flag and everyone sings the national anthem and shouts Jai Hind. He speaks about what things we should do for our country. I love the time when our prime minister speaks good points about our country and what are the plans to combat the difficulties and challenges our country is facing.

Veer Jain
Class 5-10 Years
Suncity World School, Sector 54, Gurgaon

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