Finance Literacy Programme : Module-I (Saver)


Empower your teenager’s future with our Finance Literacy Program!
This initiative is designed to equip young minds with practical financial knowledge, cultivating essential money habits and wisdom from an early age. Our program ensures a solid foundation for a secure, progressive, and smarter financial future.
Through a gamified approach and a strong focus on practical learning, we spark curiosity and make the often-daunting subject of finance enjoyable for teens. Money management remains a significant concern for adults worldwide, with many expressing a desire to have started their financial education earlier. Break this cycle by introducing your teenager to financial literacy at the opportune age.

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About Author:

Aditya Singhal is a chartered accountant, photographer, traveller and a coin collector. He has pursued his interests with all the passion and dedication for more than a decade.

He has worked with a number of MNCs and travelled extensively to different countries for work. While interacting with people from different geography, background, ethnicity, culture, practices, he realised that he has a lot to explore about the world, and super most his own country India, which is rich in culture, traditions and history.

The era of 1970-90s belongs to the finance and marketing fields. The entire education system and coaching institutes beyond that, makes you masters in cracking the exams to step up the ladder.

Today’s scenario and job opportunities are so varied and diverse that the knowledge of only one subject will not do justice to your career when the demand is of multitasking without any preparation time. An anonymous writer has rightly said “Travel is not reward for working, it’s education for living.” And the first thing which inspires us to travel is the knowledge of geography and history through a traveller’s eye.

With the above thought,  In year 2019 he set up Numismatics Academy (Nac) for all ages 7 to 70 years to discover the world through currencies and coins and gain insight into Culture – Geography – History – Art – GK of our world heritage. Nac will help our learners (7 to 70 years) to explore the world’s most incredible minds (Scientist / Poet / Politicians etc), word history, different countries and their culture. We are confident that it will be innovative way to experience the world.

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