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He is professional Chartered Accountant and working with India leading bank. He have been pursuing numismatics as a hobby since my childhood. Travelling enabled him to enhance his hobby and expand his interest to learn about the his country along with rest of the world. He have more than 200 Countries coins & currency notes and would like to call himself as Numismatics Enthusiast.

He is the founder member of Numismatics Academy. Which is for all ages 9 to 90 years to discover the world through currencies and coins and gain insight into Art – Culture- History – Geography – GK of our world heritage?

Pritam Kumar Agrawal


Pritam Kumar Agrawal, Founder & Director, started with 1st Hello Kids Preschool Centre at Bangalore (2005) and Currently runs a robust franchise netowrk with over 690+ preschools across India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

A passionate early childhood edupreneurs with over 15+ years of experience, travelled across the length and breadth of the country to understand the preschool industry in India.

Mentoring & Strategic decision maker for Little Fingers (One of India’s Leading Manufacturer of Kids Furniture and Play Station), Little Woods (Wooden Toys Manufacturer), Krakki Shoes (Premium Kids Shoes), JB Marketing (Importer & Distributor of Toys and School Furniture)

A very active & committed member of Early Childhood Association, (ECA) India. Represents ECA as Vice President – India and National Core Committee Member.

Founder & Business Convener of International Vaish Federation’s Business Wing. Currently we have 15000+ Entrepreneur members Across 9 Countries.

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Mercedes Martínez

Founder & CEO of dothegap [Community that Exchanges culture]

She was born in a little village in the North west of Spain. Even as a very small girl she wanted to travel and interact with other cultures. In that time the only way to enjoy a cultural exchange was paying a training course abroad & a family to host you, which was not affordable for her family and not the experience she was looking for. So,  she had to find other ways to enjoy these activities.

Once she finished the university she started to work for multinationals, the last 10 years as E-Business Manager. She also became a mother of 2 wonderful girls and, surprisingly, it was 2015 and she realized that the offer to live and exchange had not changed at all over the years from the time when she was a young girl.

After 23 years working for big companies she decided to quit, launch her startup [https://dothegap.com/] and fulfill this important gap in education: normalizing cultural exchanges to boost our intercultural competences, quite relevant to understanding and respecting a global world.

They promote and participate in two of the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the UN as part of its Agenda 2030. The SDG 4 “quality education” and SDG 10 “reducing inequality within and among nations”.



An MBA (Finance) and BEd by qualification, Archana has around 10 years of experience in the Banking sector with specialization in Foreign Trade finance in Punjab National Bank. Discovering her passion in education and academics, she has been a primary school educator and a Social Studies facilitator at a reputed international school in Gurgaon for four years. Thereafter, she ventured into freelance Life Skills education and took sessions for the middle school classes at a school in New Delhi. Simultaneously floating her own venture by the name of eStrive Consulting in November 2017, Archana has been a recruitment partner to various IT and non-IT firms. In this capacity, she is also actively engaged in the selection of teachers for schools that are her business clients. Being associated with academics at several levels, Archana keeps herself abreast of the developments in the education sector.

Having been a keen student as well as teacher of Social Studies, Archana finds her calling in being a consultant and associate of Numismatics Academy. The programmes and methodology of Numismatics Academy are designed to make the study of places, countries, cultures and people interesting in myriad ways. Lending her passion for this topic and her expertise in school education, Archana is actively associated with the execution of the programme as a part of School activities.

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Kishore Jhunjhunwalla

Mr. Kishore Jhunjhunwalla was born in Bombay in 1944 in a Rajasthani Agarwal businessfamily. He studied upto Inter-Science in 1962 and then joined his family business of rubber products until 1997. Thereafter he has devoted his full time into exploring his hobby of collecting and researching Indian paper money, and collectibles of Gandhi and Netaji’s memorabilia.

His enthusiasm and passion for collecting banknotes grew rapidly over the years, and the outcome was the finest collection of Indian banknotes ever put together in the world. While collecting, Mr. Jhunjhunwalla felt a vacuum of information. There was no reference work, or catalog of Indian paper money that he could utilize to compare with his collection. In order that future generations of collectors would not face such deprivation, he decided to turn to the academics of the subject and venture into publishing a reference guide.

The book was appreciated world-wide for its in-depth information, presentation, cataloguing arrangement and high quality printing. It received the coveted ‘Best Book of the Year’ award from the International Bank Note Society, USA. 3000 copies were printed and all were sold in a short span of time. Thereafter he decided to print the second edition of his book. He is still engaged in the research of unexplored subjects on Indian Paper Money and would like to come up with another splendid catalogue soon.

The Maru’s - One Passion Three Generations Since - 1966 [Prem Ratan Maru - Rajender Maru - Archie Maru ]

Maru family have been involved in the business of philately, numismatics & other collectibles since the year 1966 and have been the early pioneers in this industry. They are active in all branches of this profession equally with their participation and engagements in India & Worldwide. The family have researched, edited & updated the India section of South Asian Coins & Paper Money first published in 1982 by Krause Publications, USA. The latest revised edition was released as the title “India Edition – South Asian Coins & Paper Money” in the year 2013 by Marudhar Arts – India & Krause publications – USA.
The family has opened a library which houses nearly 3000 books on Indian history, numismatics, philately & other related subjects to the citizens of India in Bangalore at free of cost. An annual exhibition is organized in February every year in Bangalore to provide a platform to all collectors by them. On completing the 10th edition of this exhibition, the NNPA Awards to recognize the contribution of scholars in the field of numismatics, notaphily, philately & autographs were instituted by them. An annual financial aid of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs for furthering the academic cause was instituted in the founder’s name “Prem Ratan Maru Fellowship”. They have always encouraged exhibition organizers and societies by providing financial contributions.
To know more about Marudhar Art please visit the website: https://www.marudhararts.com


He have hobby from this childhood and when he need to travelled overseas he always want to know more about the country culture and their famous personalities. Subsequently he wrote a book Beyond Currencies – World’s Most Incredible Minds to summaries his experience.  In that issue he has embarked upon a journey, which narrates the story of different scientist through their pictures imbibed on the currency of their native country. It’s a mark of respect shown these eminent Scientists & Mathematicians for their outstanding inventions from across the Globe, which has enormously contributed in revolutionizing the world today.


He is a numismatist with a strong interest in the history of India under European Influences as well as that of the Princely State of Hyderabad (Hyderabad State). He is an advanced researcher on the banknotes and coins of Hyderabad State. He also researches aspects of the coinage and paper currency of British India, French India, Indian Princely States, Indian currency used in Burma and India currency used in the Middle East. His name is on the IBNS (International Bank Note Society) panel of experts for Indian Princely States. Amarbir established the India Banknote Collectors’ Chapter under the IBNS and is also a Research Associate with the Deccan Heritage Trust. He contributed Numismatics community in way of writing numerous articles different newspapers & also contributed to books like ‘One Rupee – One Hundred Years 1917-2017’   & Cultural Contours of History and Archaeology.​



Being a commerce student and a Marwari, his proximity to the monetary world has been very close. He was always curious about how humanity evolved from a simple barter to trillions of dollars of economy. One day, when he was 15, his uncle handed over to him some old Indian coins. The shape, denomination and feel of the coin intrigued him so much that the spirit of collection was invoked in him. Now 8 years later, even after collecting 1200+ banknotes and 2000+ coins, he still gets butterflies when he holds an antique banknote. It is like holding a piece of history. From a child asking foreign return relatives for leftover change to becoming a member of prominent numismatic societies and bidding in auctions, this hobby has definitely been the most cherished aspect of his youth and hopefully it only gets better.

Thanks to this hobby that the 15 years old child is still alive in him. He encourages everyone to pursue numismatics as a hobby or as a field of study.



He have 40 years rich experience with  Indian nationalise Bank (PNB). He born and brought up in Agra. It is not being India tourist hub but also have important role in Indian Mugal & British history.  From his childhood he listening the great stories and found it interesting. And after his graduate when he joined Indian nationalize bank his hobby resumed and he rearrange his all collection and start inspiring kids for this same. His expertise in British coins.


Tripti is a young and passionate Numismatist. As a child she started her journey with a casual interest in coins, keeping aside coins of the different shapes, sizes and denominations. Slowly, she got fascinated by the designs and images on the obverse and reverse sides and she started collecting the commemorative coins issued by Republic India. She also developed interest in collecting world currencies and rare Indian coins like annas, pies, temple tokens etc. She likes to explore and enjoys the way coins capture moments of history and time. Her dive into Numismatics has increased her curiosity to navigate through the world of coins, and share this interesting hobby with others.

She is a lifetime member of Delhi Coin Society and she has catalogued her collection at Numista.com wherein she also engages in swapping of coins with collectors worldwide. She had attended Royal Numismatic Society’s 5 day educational session where she learnt about inscriptions on coins and Brahmi script. She also collects stamps and miniature sheets and connects them to themes on coins.

She firmly believes that developing interest in Numismatics tends to span age barriers, giving collectors more exposure to other generations through a common interest


Nitin N Nagar, founder of Life An Opportunity www.lifeanopportunity.com introduced Fingerprints & Neural Interrelationship Analysis (FNIA) as a set of assessment systems developed by scientists and medical experts based on Genetics, Embryology, Cummins Methodology, Neuroscience and Pediatric Psychology through methods of observation, record, comparison and summarization in combination with clinical experience as well as Nitin N Nagar’s research work based on theory of Panch Tatva i.e. Jal, Agni, Vayu, Prithvi & Akash.

it is very helpful to know many important information of your kids such as personality type, learning style, hidden talent, multiple tasking capacity at single time, acquiring method & several important quotients (Intelligent Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Adversity Quotient & Creative Quotient).


Chander Shekhar Patney, Former Secretary, Delhi Coin Society(Regd), New Delhi and by Profession he is an Advocate / Trade Mark Attorney, he has been collecting coins and banknotes since his childhood. In the Field of Numismatics, he specialize on the Theme of “One Rupee Banknotes”. He has a huge collection of One Rupee Banknotes from 1916 to 2018 including First One Rupee Banknotes of India issued in 1917, 1935, 1940, Indian Banknotes Overprinted for use in Burma and Pakistan, Banknotes of French India, Portuguese India, State of Hyderabad, Persian Gulf Issue, German East Africa, Republic India One Rupee Banknotes from the year 1949 to 2018 including Star / Replacement Series Banknotes, Fancy Numbers, Errors etc. He has been awarded by India Star Book of Records, Geniuses World Records, The History & Political Society of Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi


Krishan Kant Agarwal, 68 years young, born & brought up in Delhi, Science graduate. Most of the work life he worked as Chemical engineer in heavy Chemical Industries and after this retirement he started a manufacturing unit for electrical accessories. Currently, he is deeply associated with Narayan Sewa Sansthan Udaipur, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Dadhichi Dehdan Samit (The best NGO of India for the year 2019).
He is a multitalented person who admires Science, Technology, Art, Music, Culture, Philosophy, Sports and Spiritualism. He had travelled 18+ countries and delivered many presentations on Philosophy, Healthy spiritual subjects and also performed as singer at different universities.
Further he is keen collector of coins and stamps and currency notes. He studies about world coins – its material, its shape, type and much more. He has written many articles / blogs on this subject and currently is associated with Numismatics Academy and heading Exhibition section there.


Numismatics,  Philately and Collection of Banknotes from India and rest of the world since 1979.Have been attending and participating various Philatelic and Numismatic Exhibitions since 1995 along with my exhibits. Worked and gave services in  organizing many Philatelic Exhibitions by Lucknow Philatelic Society and for Postal Department time to time. Exhibits on Mahatma Gandhi Theme, freedom fighters,  Butterflies,  Aerophilately, Astrophilately, Space, Definitives,  Odd and Special Philately , Pride of India complete collections and complete Post India Postage stamps . Presently President of Lucknow Philatelic Society. Collecting coins and banknotes since 1979 and displaying collections for various exhibitions held at Bombay,  Banglore, Hyderabad,  Chandigarh,  Varanasi, Kota and Nagpur in last 20 to 25 years along with providing details of my every collection for study and academic point of view to the viewers and visitors. Got  National level First prize in year 2012 on Ancient Coins of India. Got Life time Achievement Award from Kota Numismatic and Philatelic Society in 2016. I feel proud in having detailed studies on Postal History,  Numismatic History and in discovering art, culture, history, geography, language,  National Flags of more than 273 nations including almost all the 193 UN admitted member Nations along with their display as actual exhibits.
A detailed and academic collection of all Bird Families  through Postage Stamps all over the world is ready for book form. At present serving as SENIOR  VICE PRESIDENT of Awadh Numismatic Society. Have my own ” The Little Museum ” at Lucknow  running since 2010 and open  round the clock for everyone for learning the details of the Numismatics and Philately. Have great number of books on almost every subject of anybody’s interest in a small library. Have special , interesting and knowledge combined collection of Powered Number and Fibonacci Sequence collection on Indian Paper Money . All the hobbies are combined side by side with its complete academic relationship.
Still trying to learn something new daily. Feeling too young in sharing my pleasure with everyone. I want to serve young school children through these beautiful hobbies for rest of my life and try to keep  myself busy in learning and learning .


Retired senior engineering assistant at ALL INDIA RADIO. He is also a Numismatics, Philately and Banknotes of all over world with history and maps since 1970. He has more than 200 countries Coins + dead countries + Kingdoms and 112 Indian princely states + Indian kingdoms punch Mark to till date, circulation coins only. I am lifetime member of Delhi Coin society. I have seen various Philatelic Exhibition since 1980. Participating Numismatic Exhibition Nagmoney 2017, 2018, 2019 (First Prize), Nagmoney 2020 as a invitee class. He has amazing stamps collection on Dogs.