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My Experience in Singapore & Malaysia

First when my dad was in Singapore for office work and my mother, my elder brother and I were in India. One day we decided to meet dad as it was our summer vacation. When we reached Singapore, my dad called us in his hotel. We took a bus we reach the hotel. We did a lot of fun there. Then we decided to go to Malaysia. We went by bus. We crossed a bridge made above an ocean. We travelled with a bus we ate our dinner in a restaurant. We were there for three days. We went to Lego land. My dad, brother and mother were putting the luggage in safe locker, but I was very excited. I went out to see the rides. And then I was lost and was alone. I was crying. But the people at Legoland were kind, they took me to a safe room, gave me candy and they helped to find my parents. Then I was very happy.

By-Aakriti Agarwal
Class – II – 7 years
Manav Rachna international School,
Sector 46, Gurgaon

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  1. Neha jain

    Beautifully written Aakriti. Lots of blessings

  2. Ritu

    Superb writeup from your young creative mind

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