Hello I'am Mr. Nac

Hello Kids, I am Mr Nac. I am not different from you and too love travelling & discovering the world, wish to meet world-famous personalities like Ronaldo, Sachin & Queen Elizabeth – 2 and many more.

I do not just visit the place but explore about their money, culture, history & personalities and much more. Do you know why? Let me share my travelling experience with you. It will make all-clear.

I am from India, which is a place of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism origin but you will surprise to know that oldest and biggest Hindu temple both are not in India. The oldest one is PASHUPATINATH in Nepal and the Biggest one is ANGKOR WAT in Cambodia. You know the cool part is they put their temple on their flag so that everyone remembers it every time they look at it.

Now you started getting the importance of culture. Let me share my trip experience when I went to Indonesia for the first time, I travelled through GARUDA AIRLINES and reached the Muslim majority country. Garuda is a Hindu word; I got confused?? Then I snatched onto my memory bank!!! Indonesia was once upon a time a Hindu major country; the story does not stop here… when I exchanged my Indian currencies notes with Indonesian country … I really shocked … you know why … I found Lord Ganesha photographs on 20,000 Rupiah currency note, revered as the god of wisdom, art and science. That’s interesting… now we can understand how a country history and culture can influence the decision taken today.

My travel Continues and this time was to Kuwait; I realised that American Dollar [USD] is not the strongest currency in the world? There are not 1-2 stronger currencies, but nine other stronger currencies to USD and world strongest currency is Kuwaiti Dinar. Surprising rite!!!

Now you must be thinking how do I know all such information and how do I get so much time to travel the world, so let me tell you the secret of knowledge. I experienced & learned all the above information just sitting at home. HOME ?????? yes you heard me right HOME. I joined Numismatics Academy which is India’s First Academy with the purpose to advance the study of World culture – History – Geography – Art – GK and much more through coins and currencies as well as develop & enhance interest to have Hobby among children.

Numismatic Academy carries mission for EMPOWERING THE YOUNG GENIUSES to DISCOVER THE WORLD WITHOUT PASSPORT” so you young genius can LOOK AT THE WORLD WITH OPEN EYE. They offer many online programs like Iknow – Impact of News in our Life, Family Quiz, Worldola – Learn while Playing, Gulak- [Boost your Piggy Bank] – Save today to Shape tomorrow & classroom programs like Discovery, Finance Literacy, Behavioural, personality development programs and also organise World Currencies Exhibition to discover the world's interesting facts.

If you want to join my journey, Let’s get ourselves connected through Numismatics Academy website (www.numismaticsacademy.com), Youtube (#numismaticsacademy), Facebook (numismaticsacademy#2018). I am looking forward to taking you all through the different aspect of this beautiful world.

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