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Let’s make our city GREEN again!!

Today in India there are many problems but during COVID-19 we all have forgotten other problems like waterlogging. You must remember last week what happened after 4-hour rains and entire Gurgaon was flooded with water. And this is not the first time, it has so happened, I think it is a story of years over years, so I thought to share my view with you all on this subject.

We all agree that Gurgaon is one of the centre of water loggings problems and can easily make the long list of challenges/problems like :

• Disruption in the natural flow of water
• Rainwater run-off because of topography
• Insufficient drainage system capacity
• Concreting all over the city
• Shrinking green cover
• Rampant construction

However let’s go some few decades ago and you will find that it was not the case, Gurgaon was one of the beautiful places and there were no water loggings issues. So what changed in the last few decades …yes you got itnthe primary reason is URBANIZATION without much planning. People misused this land to build residential buildings or Commercial complex etc. Gurgaon was covered with ARAVALI hills and agriculture land which got converted to a concrete jungle. So now water is neither getting absorbed by land because of the concrete jungle nor go to the river because of the poor drainage system. As per my knowledge goes Government have spent tons of money to resolve the issue but my question here is … is it the ONLY responsibility of Government, or we as good citizen we can also contribute to make our city GREEN as it was. Let me share a few things that come in my mind do we know that only 20% rainwater recharge the underground water level and 80% goes to the drainage and causing Huge water logging. So now if we make small changes in our life believe me, after this we can come out with this serious issue.

This will not stop unnecessary water into the drainage system but also improve our underground water level which is going to be another issue soon.

This will not only make our city more beautiful but will also our water level. And worth to mention here it will improve our oxygen level which is going to be another issue again soon.

We know that there are four types of garbage like Industrial Waste, Commercial Waste, and Domestic Waste & Agricultural Waste. And we all promise with our self to dispose of it responsibly. Segregate domestic garbage into dry and wet garbage and recycle as much as possible.

I am sure if we all contribute our bit we do not need extra Government aid to address our city issues.

Written by; Aarav Singhal Class – V Standard – 10 years Manav Rachna International School, Sector 46, Gurgaon.

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