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Numismatics is not just a hobby for adults. With ever changing world, countries demonetising its currency, changing the designs of its currency, interchangeable agreements between the countries, you can never say that you have enough and the quest to gather continues. Infact, with the increasing use of plastic money, it becomes even more important and interesting. The future of the hobby is dependent on younger audiences becoming interested in collecting. It is hobby that our children should develop at an early age.

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The primary purpose of our modules is to give different experience about world & its culture. These modules are based on different minds games & projects/research for all age groups.


The primary purpose of workshops for any age group from 9 to 90 years who would like to experience the world & its history through world currencies. ​


The primary purpose of exhibition to spread India and world currencies history amongst young minds and let them travel the world without passport.

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